All along my more than 30 years of food stylist career I developed a sharp knowledge on food, objects and advertising. I worked for major brands and production houses, in many different places.

This is how I learned my "MacGyver" job ! And this is why, a few years ago, I felt the desire to become more involved in the process and started to direct films as well.
For 15 years now I've been directing food commercials and honed my skills on choreographing food, objects and characters with natural, simplicity and spontaneity.

A sharp sense of details helps me parsing out the right props with the right food and film them at the right moment.

Carrying-on in this vein, the quest of the right gesture is a personal research of mine; the right gesture that resonates with the universality of Nature.
Along my life I learned that the simpler it looks, the harder it is. At the same time the more I practice, the more I try to achieve simplicity and natural in my creative expression, and I love sharing that with people!


Marianne Lemince

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